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Constructing Modern Methods

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CMM offers a digital toolkit for the acceleration of modern methods of construction in local authority strategies, by driving outcome-led procurement.

Our mission is to encourage innovation and support the acceleration of modern methods of construction. Allowing modular suppliers and companies to overcome the barriers to entry they are currently facing by providing robust, quality assured data on a range of MMC products suitable for site.

What is CMM?

CMM offers an innovative solution to the acceleration of modern methods of construction and modular housing, which allows local authority and housing association users to optioneer against a full spectrum of systems, organisations and performance options

This empowers the decision makers within local authorities at the call-off stage to better understand which systems, organisations and performance options will best suit the needs of their site and local authority strategy.

CMM is committed to supporting innovation by allowing modular companies to bring their solutions to the table through a robust and quality assured database, in a way that relying on individual knowledge and experience, might otherwise tend towards familiar options.

The toolkit from CMM will make a full spectrum of products visible and accessible to decision makers in local authorities and housing associations, helping narrow down the field to a number of possible options based on local policy and project specific criteria.

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